Reporting on breaking news

This week we focused a lot on how to report breaking news. Breaking news is something I don’t have a lot of experience in covering, but I’m sure that will change this semester. I’m a little nervous about that prospect because it’s a situation that moves fast and requires a lot of accurate reporting in a short amount of time. The lecture on Thursday gave me a pretty good idea of the steps I need to take when reporting breaking news, from what information I should try and get first to who will be able to give me what information.

One of the difficult parts about breaking news is that some of the information you need either hasn’t come in yet or the person who has the information isn’t willing to share it with you. That makes me more nervous than actually going to a situation and reporting on it. I worry that in that sort of situation I won’t be able to obtain or find the information that I need in the time I have to get the story out. It’s definitely something that I’m glad I’ll have the chance to practice here at the Columbia Missourian before starting a job in the “real world.”


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