First story for the Columbia Missourian

I finally got my first story for the Columbia Missourian out, and it was pretty much as stressful as I was expecting it to be. I covered an agroforestry symposium on the MU campus that was focused on the different aspects of medicinal plants – a topic I know absolutely nothing about.

I got this story the afternoon before the event and was able to do a little bit of reporting to find out why they had decided to focus on medicinal plants. The keynote speaker the next morning didn’t focus on medicinal plants at a local level as much as we needed, so we ended up switching the story a bit and making the focus some of the medicinal plant growers and entrepreneurs that attended the event.

Because this was my first story for the Missourian, I struggled a little bit with remembering all the steps to filling out the right information on our content management system that formats the story for publishing. I feel that now that I’ve gone through it once, I’ll be able to remember much better for next time.

The biggest challenge of this story was the time frame I had to work with. The event started in the morning and went all day, but because of my work and class schedule, I was only able to attend in the morning and had to turn the story around pretty quickly. That caused a little bit of anxiety when the first speaker didn’t go the direction we were expecting and I ended up having to do more reporting. For a first story I have to say I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out, though I wish I’d remembered to add hyperlinks to it!


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