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This week we’re talking a lot about social media. So far this semester, we’ve discussed what it takes to remain objective as a journalist and not accidentally portray any bias by what we’re wearing, what we do and who we support. Because social media has become increasingly more important in journalism, our accounts must meet those same standards.

One of the steps to make sure that our accounts portray us in a light that’s professional and objective is the social media peer review. Each of us was assigned a partner that we didn’t know and were tasked with finding all their social media accounts and ensure that they were fitting platforms for us to promote our work. Though it has been made clear that while they should be professional, we don’t have to go so far as to make them completely void of personality.

So far this peer review has been a good tool for me in more ways than one. I’ve always been rather private on social media, tending not to post anything and making my accounts private. If I’m going to be a journalist, that’s not going to work anymore. This process has allowed me to wrap my head around the idea of having to promote my writing, and the writing of my fellow reporters, on my social media accounts. This peer review is making me comfortable enough with my accounts to be able to do that.

It’s also teaching me how to navigate the different social media platforms. What with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging and all the other social media that’s out there, it’s not exactly a walk in the park knowing how to search for people and important information on them – my dad can attest to this. This peer review is teaching me the ways I can potentially use social media as a resource for finding sources and researching individuals or a group before an interview. I’m learning that to say social media

is important in journalism is an understatement.

That being said, feel free to follow me on Twitter @DPsaledakis.


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